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I recently gave an interview to Andrea Hessmo on writing a novel in English as a second language, on being an immigrant in the US, what I miss about Russia and what I don’t miss about it at all.

Now I think Russian only adds a specific color to my writing that I otherwise would not have had. It’s an asset rather than a disadvantage…

…My identity has gone through quite a transformation. First I came to the US as a wide-eyed young woman, eager to fit into the new culture and eager to build my life here. I did not know much about the American way of life but I dove right in. …

…The recent events in Russia upset me: blocking American adoptions, anti-gay laws, human rights abuses when people go to jail without fair trial, and many other things I am following online. I am sad that it is now becoming ever so fashionable to bash Russia, to identify it with Mr. Putin…

Read the full interview here.


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Portrait of Alexander Pushkin

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin by Orest Kiprensky, exhibited at Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Link to the source.

Even though I could teach my kids Russian myself, in theory anyways, they do have a professional tutor. To be honest I stink at teaching children, especially my own. I usually have very little patience for their antics and they don’t take me as seriously as a tutor. A bit of an explosive combination. But I digress.

We have this wonderful new teacher who comes to our house every week for an hour long lesson with all three kids. He not only seems to have an ocean of patience but is also contagiously passionate about the language and about Russian history.

Recently, he told me he was going to read a poem by Pushkin, a famous 19th century Russian poet, to the children. Honestly, I was very skeptical.


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