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How many cats do I need to have in order to qualify as a crazy cat lady? I have seven. Up until a month ago I only had one.

In fact since I was six years old I only had one cat at a time. Except for those summers that our cat, my sister, and I were shipped out to our great-grandmother’s rural house 100 kilometers North-East of Moscow. The cat would go insane with freedom and love for all the neighborhood tom cats, and would deliver  a litter of kittens in the middle of each summer. So that’s what kittens always made me think of – childhood, sunshine,  bare feet on a dirt path, eating raspberries off a branch, warm milk that still smelled like grass.

Foster Cats

I blame all these nostalgic feelings on deciding to become a foster kitten mom. I hoped kittens would become my own kids’ nostalgic memories when they got older.

My 10-year old son would probably take all the credit, thinking he had to work hard to convince Mom it was a good idea. I did put up a bit of a theatrical argument against extra cats in the house. I did not want him to think that next I would agree to get a number of other pets.

So now we have five itty bitty feral kittens in a spare room, all hissing and spitting at first, but now making progress towards being tamed and cuddly.



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Burning Wood Stove

I have recently been thinking of the positive effects of acts of nature. Of course we have been blessed not to be hit by anything disastrous. Hurricane Sandy only left us with no power and no school for a couple of days.

During that storm a couple of weeks ago our entire family, all five of us, were forced to stay inside and entertain ourselves without any electronics. I had expected whining and complaining. The kids seemed to realize, however, that the awesome power over unplugging video games and TV had been transferred from their parents to nature and National Grid. You could not argue with that. So they treated the experience as an adventure.

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Photo: Scott Bauer, USDA ARS [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Guilt goes together with motherhood, just like the proverbial apple pie.

Working mother feels guilty she doesn’t spend enough time with the kids.

Stay at home mother feels guilty she does not earn any money.

When she does dishes she feels guilty she is not helping with homework or building a pillow fort.

When she is playing dolls on the living room floor she feels guilty about that pile of dirty laundry.


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